These stones are a destash from my Iron Bay Collection. :) I still have many of these to work with, but I don't need all of them. They were sold to me as Azurite, and they are widely known as Shattuckite, but they don't have a proper name. These minerals are much more of a copper cocktail. Not a true Shattuckite and not just Azurite. They have a lot of copper minerals all mixed into these stones along with some metallics. Truly awesome stuff! The lighter stuff, I believe to be low grade turquoise that is mixed in with the minerals and when they were cut in the factory and tossed around between the countries, I think the soft stuff got scratched. You can clean this up with some nail buffers maybe, or a local lapidary shop, or just use them as they are. :) I would just use them as is, personally. 

African Shattuckite Cabochon


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