This piece of Blue Moon Turquoise is was self-collected at the Nevada mine, years back. Finally, I've broken the stone out of my stash and made it a home in some luscious sterling silver. The ornate elements flowing around the pendant like tooled leather - were made using antique dies that were hand-carved up to and over a hundred years ago. Each piece/element was hand-fabricated and formed by my hands and then nestled around the exquisite natural turquoise in the middle. I truly love how this pendant came out, and I look forward to carrying on with this style of jewelry fabrication. But, Mother Nature has her mysterious ways and no two stones are alike, so that makes this even-more of a "one of a kind" piece. 


The tag on the back of the pendant will always carry the name of the mine with the piece, so there will be no question decades down the line, about what mine the stone came from. This is my way of authenticating the jewelry and helping to retain the value of the piece over time. :) <3  No need to save documents or invoices to prove it's origin. 



Natural Blue Moon Turquoise from Nevada
Size approx. 3" tall from bottom to top
Full Sterling Silver

Blue Moon Spiderweb Turquoise Pendant

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