Take your magic with you, or work your workings on the go. This is an open-top dry cauldron, aka - not watertight and sealed. Perfect for herbs, little bugs you find along your travels or for enchanting with spells for your outings. If you want to use it as an arrangement, just shove some floral foam down into the bottom of the cauldron and then prick your plants into it so they hold tight. 


Hand Forged Sterling Silver Cauldron with darkened patina. The chain is 34" long so it can hang below the chest. The floral pattern on the back was pressed by hand in my hydraulic press, with the use of an antique die. "So Mote it Be" was hand carved then saw'd out and affixed to the back to ensure that you go with intention. The Cauldron, itself, is about 1.5" tall. :) 

Cauldron Vessel Necklace