These Talon Rings are simple, and stackable in a fierce way. Choose your teardrop stone and then I will create the piece around it. The band will be hammered-textured, and the ring is full sterling. These are made to order, and will be shipped within two weeks, if you need special arrangements, just send an email! 

Each piece is handmade, so there will be no such thing as perfection, if you know what I mean. I'm only human! haha :D But my process with the ring here, is that I use a hydraulic press and set the silver into the carved/stamped die, then jack up the press and get as much detial as I can. Then I anneal the silver to make it soft again, then return to the press to get more details out of the die. Eventually, the image comes out clear! Then I take it to my bench and hand-saw out the shape, solder it to a back plate and then go on to build the ring from there. :) These antique dies work like play-doh in a mold. Except metal is much more stubborn and needs lots of coaxing with a torch. And time/patience.

Talon Ring