The Unseelie Court is the dark side of the Fae Realm and I am just now discovering it. When I saw this antique die come into availability, I knew it was awesome, but it had a dark side to it. (It didn't read as "delightful sparkle fairy" to me...It was definitely creepy and mysterious.) Now, I'm not sure that's what the original artist had intended when he carved this Art Nouveau design...But I like it. hahah 


If you'd like a chain to go with it, let me know and I can make one up and invoice you for it. <3 


My work with these antique shapes is through the use of old, hand-carved dies. They range from the late 1800s to early 1900s. My process is to press them manually with silver, into the die so that the metal takes on the shape of that old piece of history. (Then I re-mix it a bit by hand-sawing the pieces out, filing the edges, and then re-arranging them as I choose, and soldering them into place.) These aren't cast, they are lightweight, and they are handmade step-by-step. Made to order. :) 

Unseelie Court Pendant