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Nevada Mining Procedures 

If you have any questions about mining in Nevada, please download this PDF. It has all the rules of the land and how mining operations work for staking claims, etc. Aside from this, you will have to learn how to use the LR2000 from BLM. With these two skills, along with the ability to navigate the county recorder's office, you will be able to stake your own turquoise or variscite claim! :) Most important, make sure the land is not claimed already and that it's BLM land.


Home of the Godber-Burnham Turquoise mine as well as the Dry Creek Turquoise mine. Many of their stones end up outside the country in gold jewelry, but if you are looking for smaller stones or something of a smaller budget, just email them and they may have something. :)


BGA Turquoise is run by Greg Fink and his wife, Adriana is the jewelry designer. They are a wonderful couple to work with and they have beautiful stones. Of all sizes!! Just ask if you need something specific, he's got all kinds of awesome stuff. He runs the Thunder Mountain turquoise mine and the Blue Oasis, if you may recall those from my previous sales.


Home of the Royston Turquoise Mine, White Buffalo / White Bison, Thunderbird Turquoise, Zeus Variscite, Starfox Variscite, Black Hills Turquoise, Easter Blue Turquoise, Montezuma Turquoise, Miller Mountain Variscite, Danny Boy Turquoise, Crazy Horse Turquoise, and Swallowtail Variscite. 


Richard and Helen Shull are a husband and wife team that mine their rock, cut their stones and create jewelry together. I think that each of them share skills as well as compliment each other. A brilliant team!

The show is called Turquoise Fever ! Catch the Otteson Family on INSP as they have their turquoise adventures. This Turquoise TV Show will really get the public involved with our trade and possibly, the prices of the Otteson stones could go up. If you have Royston, Blue Moon or White Buffalo, you will have the chance to see where it comes from! These boys work hard to bring home the turquoise for their families, sometimes in terrible heat and freezing snow. Once the stones are cut, the women help with design, photography and advertising! True, old-west, family synergy. But in modern times, with the internet. :D Turquoise show is set to air in August.

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