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The arrows point to a hairline fissure that runs along the bottom of the cab, but the stone is stable, I just want to disclose the line on there. It's a beefy stone. If you wanted to, you could ask a lapidary to fill it in with clear epoxy and then polish it off. But its minimal, and I've seen much crazier lines/cracks/fissures/eroded areas in jewelry. So it just depends on your taste. :) 


I made these little window boxes for a gem show that I did a while back, found them in a box with the same desert dust on them. So, sorry for the impromptu post-up. I just figured, if I don't list them, I will just keep them in the hoard. hahahah. Anyways, I haven't checked the market lately, prices have prob gone WAY up, since I last sold stones. But as for now, as the beginning of  my "moving sale", I am just going to price them as I used to. :) <3 Love you guys. 

Big Royston Teardrop

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