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The pistol was broken at some point, decades ago, and they used glue or expoxy to do that repair. You can tell the age of the repair by the color of that glue lol. It would prbably sand off really well, but I wasn't sure if I was going to keep it, so it's still as I purchased it, years back. I think the holes in the handle of the pistol are for making your own .. handle design thing with silver, like a fancy handle. Cute buffalo, too. Part of an old collection, hand carved, probably from stabilized kingman. 


I made these little window boxes for a gem show that I did a while back, found them in a box with the same desert dust on them. So, sorry for the impromptu post-up. I just figured, if I don't list them, I will just keep them in the hoard. hahahah. Anyways, I haven't checked the market lately, prices have prob gone WAY up, since I last sold stones. But as for now, as the beginning of  my "moving sale", I am just going to price them as I used to. :) <3 Love you guys. 

Buffalo Soldier

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